Land Acknowledgment

The Board of Directors is committed to advancing Truth and Reconciliation in relationship with Indigenous peoples and communities. 

As an important step in recognizing the recommendations from The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's final report, our agency has embarked on their own journey with how we developed and implemented our Land Acknowledgment. 

Why a Land Acknowledgment?

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Recognize and state whose traditional territory we currently live, work and play on. 

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Identify treaties and covenants covering the territory. Acknowledge and honour history, culture, land and treaties.  

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Acknowledge the stewardship of the original inhabitants. Offer gratitude both in past and present, and their contributions to our communities. 

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Acknowledge that settlers’ presence on the land is part of a colonial history that has caused significant harm to Indigenous peoples and communities.

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Commit to addressing Truth and Reconciliation. Reflect on our relationship and responsibility to each other.